What are the most trusted UK casinos?

If you’ve only ever played in a real casino, and still don’t know exactly what you can expect from online gambling, eXperts.bet is the perfect place to get you started. And if you’re a veteran player, you’ll still find important and useful knowledge through our website.

Regardless, how experienced or inexperienced you are, we all need help navigating the maze that the online gambling industry has become by now. You might be a professional when it comes to the actual process of gaming, but that doesn’t always translate into the ability to sort through the thousands of online casinos available on the internet nowadays to find the best online casino UK has to offer. If you’re a veteran searching for a new platform to try your luck out on, our website has everything you might need to achieve that task. This is all the more relevant when it comes to beginner players.

The gambling industry of the United Kingdom contributes as much as £6 billion to the country’s economy. That constitutes around 0.5% of the entire GDP produced. UK casinos also shell out a whopping £750 million in taxes every single year and give more than 100 thousand UK citizens their jobs. A huge percentage, up to 35% of that money comes from online gambling. According to the statistics published by the UK Gambling Commission, the money totals somewhere around £4,9 billion every year in revenue. As you might be aware, as the popularity level of online gambling keeps increasing, this figure is climbing all the time as well, and the days when half or more of the entire gambling economy will come from online casinos are not too far ahead. These statistics are some of the reasons why we take our job very seriously and are striving to build an actually useful, multifunctional repository and a guide of gambling information that will be able to service this ever-increasing number of participants in this ecosystem.

Choosing the right online casino provider


Helping you pick the best online casinos UK has in store is our top priority in this situation. We want to help you identify the casinos that are worth your attention, and discard the ones that aren’t. Certain features, games, and safety mechanisms are the basic requirements you should have for your future online casino.

As you’re probably aware, some games are more popular in the UK than others. Sports betting aside, which is obviously a dominant field in the UK online casino industry, due to the country’s heavy involvement with football, video slot machines, blackjack, and plain old roulette are the most popular gambling activities that the Brits partake in. Video poker, craps, arcades, baccarat, and others are not quite as widely played as those. Still, a good casino must cater to an array of tastes and gambling preferences. Ideally, the casino would also provide live dealer casino games for its players. While searching for a good casino, you’d do good to look how wide is the selection of games offered by it. Even if some of those games aren’t within your particular interests, this metric still serves as a useful thing to remember when gauging the legitimacy of an online casino.

Look at the websites of companies like William Hill, for example, to get an idea of what a decent online casino should contain. The casino online UK lets you choose from doesn’t have to be anywhere near as fancy, you’re free to pick a smaller provider with good business acumen and integrity. However, it will still need to cater to the basic requirements of a well put together online casino.

Choosing an online casino over an in-land one

If your only experience with gambling stems from playing in an in-land casino at some point, but you’re still somewhat unfamiliar with the world of online gambling, you’ll be surprised how much the genre has in store for you and how many advantages the digital versions of casinos the UK offers to the country’s player base.

First and foremost: game selection. Since digital casinos aren’t limited by the physical space of a building and don’t have to employ tens or hundreds of people to service their operations, they can afford to provide you with much more games and content than you could receive an in-land casino the size of a shopping mall. Good online casinos will have hundreds of games available to indulge in at your fingertips. What is even better, an absolute majority of these casinos will either gift you free additional spins or other deposit bonuses, or will allow you to try the games out for free entirely. You’ll be allowed to take the games out of a test run, learn how they operate, and ultimately make an informed decision whether you want to bet actual money on them or not. Try doing that in an in-land UK casino. Besides, if some other people are currently playing your favorite slots or sitting at your favorite tables, with online gambling you don’t have to wait in line until they decide to leave. You can all play the same games together at the same time!

Queues, naturally, still remain an issue when it comes to live dealer games, though. Since these games require several actual participants to play, some waiting time is often involved. Its rarely significant though since the casinos usually provide a lot of tables at once. This is less of a problem with Roulette, Casino Hold’em, or Baccarat. Blackjack, on the other hand, is a little different. With Blackjack, you might have to wait a few minutes until the places free up. This is sort of a non-issue, to be honest. We only have to mention these facts just to keep the record straight. In reality, since most of the good online casinos provide a large number of playing tables, as well as the option to bet behind even when the table is already full, these waiting times are pretty much negligible in most cases.

Another advantage is accessibility. You don’t have to get into your car, drive to the best casino UK has on land, pick a good timing so it’s not overcrowded, make sure it’s not a bank holiday, etc. You can just sit on your couch, open your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, and get into the action straight away!

Payout rates are generally higher in online casinos as well. This refers back to our previously stated fact that online casinos generally don’t require as many expenses to operate as in-land ones. They don’t have to rent, buy, or build a physical space for the casino, purchase tons of expensive gambling equipment, set up the real-life security systems, pay and train a huge number of employees, etc. This results in higher profit margins. It would be dishonest to say that the companies focus all of that extra money on their customers. Instead, the money is split between the house and increased payout percentages for the players. Some of the top casino UK has will offer up to 99.9% RTP on some of their games. These casinos can afford to keep more money and give out more as well. Everybody wins. In all fairness, the return to player ratio doesn’t differ greatly when it comes to living dealer games. Instead, the bulk of that difference in payouts is focused on online slots. They’ll generally offer much better returns than in-land slot machines.

The gambling regulation status in the UK

The United Kingdom has by far the most developed online gambling market in the world. Gambling economy is a significant part of the country’s economy. This gargantuan industry requires government policies that are able to tame it and keep it under control. Therefore, Britain also has a huge regulations framework when it comes to casinos. There are laws protecting gamblers from their own shortcomings, making sure the UK online casinos are operating in a transparent and compliant way, etc. There are also organizations that provide mental help to those who require it.

The country chose to embrace, but strictly regulate the gambling business, which is why the UK gambling economy is so impressive. The United States, by contrast, choose to all but ban online gambling entirely, a tactic which effectively pushes the industry into the criminal world/ This ensures the companies pay no taxes, aren’t properly regulated to protect consumers, and has proven over the years to be an ineffective approach that brings more bad than good.

All forms of commercial and non-commercial gambling within the territory of the United Kingdom are regulated by the 2005 Gambling Act. The act created a number of laws and regulations regarding online gambling, in-land gambling, football betting, scratch card lotteries, prize gaming, and last but not least – the National Lottery of the UK. The law also gave life to the UK Gambling Commission, whose job is to control, regulate, license, and audit all of the best UK casinos operating in the country with a steady hand.
Recognizing a licensed operator and making educated choices
We’ve talked about online gambling, we’ve discussed picking the right provider, we’ve touched upon the laws that govern the industry, but how do you make sure the company you’re about to entrust your money to hold valid licenses and can be relied upon?

Well, first of all, good, transparent business practices aren’t exclusively reserved for the best UK online casino license holders. A lot of new companies especially today are in the process of development and are still working towards obtaining the best licenses available, and the UK license is certainly one of the strictest. As they’re still building their user base and need to pry the players away from the giants of the industry, they often have extremely lucrative offers for our readers that would be a shame to pass up on. Our job is to filter out those companies from a sea of fraudulent casinos by using multiple methods, testing, and criteria besides the simple fact of possessing or not possessing a UK gambling license to determine the legitimacy of the casino.

Our initial advice is to read our professionally curated lists and the accompanying reviews of individual online casinos UK Gambling Commission licensed or not. Our expert writers conduct extensive research and analysis in crafting these lists that are available to our readers completely free of charge. They take a wide array of issues into account to arrive at all the best options for you specifically. But you shouldn’t trust anyone blindly. If you still want to try and find an online casino licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, here is how you can check yourself whether the casino possesses their license after you’ve already read our review and have been redirected to the company’s website.

First, check for the UKGC logo on the website. It will likely be located near the main page footer. Next, try double-checking the information on the official website of the UK Gambling Commission. The UKGC will provide you with all of the available details they have on the operator. You will be able to see whether the license is valid, revoked, expired, or if it exists at all. Often, clicking the UKGC logo on the casino’s website will open a new tab leading to the commission’s website with the relevant casino’s information already provided. If the logo doesn’t double as a link, it might be nothing but is still a cause for concern. You’d do good to check the commission’s website on your own in that case. And if the information checks out, you can put your mind at rest and start playing with the best online casinos the UK has to offer, knowing that the company is highly regulated and your funds and personal data are safe.

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