Find top online casinos with the expertise of the betting gurus is your go-to source for all things related to top online casino ratings and news. We have a huge database of amazing online gambling websites and it’s only going to increase as we go on. With so many titles to choose from, the whole experience can easily become too stressful. Allow us to take matters into our own hands and help guide you in this complicated environment. We conduct thorough research to compile our lists and reviews. We research the big names in the online gambling business as well as the smaller, new companies looking to establish themselves in this stressful, extremely competitive market.

Nowadays, the online gambling industry is flooded with scam artists and fraudulent companies. Since the monetary requirements to open a casino and enter the market plummeted because you no longer had to rent or buy a physical location to open a casino, we’ve seen an amazing increase in both the popularity of online casinos and the number of new casinos emerging. Suddenly, opening and building up your own top casino online wasn’t such a stretch anymore. Overall, it proved extremely beneficial for the industry, as the increased competition levels led to increased quality of service and a plethora of promotions, bonuses, and free stuff. However, there were also quite a few bad apples that tried to capitalize on the gambling industry exploding. The market became flooded with scam websites and people seeking to abuse people’s trust.

It’s easy to dismiss small new websites as illegitimate, but we believe that everybody deserves a chance to prove themselves to be solid, promising enterprises. At the same time, we do not hesitate to land the hammer of judgment on the companies we find to be dishonest. Our main priorities lay with you and helping you find the best-fitting top casinos in the world in an educated, informed way. We judge these casinos without the prejudice and a skewed perspective. Our professional experts and writers analyze the market every day in great detail. They go through a myriad of titles and emerging companies and work all day to compile the lists you find so helpful.

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New companies often fall under the radar on most game review websites. That’s not the case with us. We want to give the new casinos a shot at making our carefully curated list. If they rise to the challenge, we’re more than happy to oblige. More new, honest, and ambitious top casinos online mean more lucrative promotions and free offers for you, our readers! And maximizing your fun, safety, and quality of experience are our main goals. Helping you find a new gambling provider with good games, solid fundamentals, ethical policies and ways of doing business, and a well-crafted platform serves just that purpose.

We provide a mountain of data compressed into easily digestible, efficient pieces of content that you can consume. With you can be sure that the information you receive will be concise, checked, double checked, and relevant. We use a wide number of criteria for the testing process. Even if you had the time and energy to embark on finding the right top casino provider for you on your own, there’s no guarantee that you won’t miss some crucial little detail that would not have slipped past our attentive, professional staff. Especially if you’re a beginner player who’s just now starting to get into the world of online gambling.

If that’s the case, it’s especially important for your first experience to be positive. You need to start out with a provider and platform you can trust with your funds and can trust to be fair and honest. Helping you filter through a sea of data to arrive at that provider who will be perfect for you is what we’re here for.

And even if you’re a professional player, you’re not necessarily a professional reviewer. Our experts follow a carefully laid out roadmap in assessing these websites. They know every word that doesn’t sound like anything to an untrained ear but can be indicative or important details about performance and business integrity of a specific online casino. Such attention to detail comes only with experience and industry-specific knowledge that we’ve spent years collecting.

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When you go through our list of top online casinos, you’ll find details incredibly useful details about promotions or bonuses, the security level, and mechanisms used to ensure it, transparency level in the company’s business practices, optimization to the different devices, options for depositing and withdrawing your money, customer support and how responsive it is, etc. A lot of companies will have customer support available but it’s just for the show. Our experts not only look at the data and information that the website provides them. They also make sure to check and test the claims that a company is making to arrive at a verdict that’s completely fair, adequate, and rational. Such an approach is time-consuming but it also leaves little room for error. Therefore, when we lay down our verdict, you can be sure that it’s a judgment you can trust. This is why you should make your homepage if you’re an avid player. We’re working year-round to make sure you have the best possible gambling experiences you can.

We make sure to check the casino’s licensing. Our list only includes either top rated online casinos that have 100% valid UK licenses or companies that are actively working towards obtaining them and have a spotless resume regardless. In order for a company without a license issued by the UK Gambling regulatory body, it must go through an additional level of scrutiny from our experts that the UK-licensed companies aren’t subjected to. The licensing process covers a lot of the criteria that our experts pay attention to, and in the case of casinos with different licenses, we make sure to manually check every single one of them in great detail. is updated daily. We stay on top of the events and also offer you our services as a gambling news source. This makes us one of the top casino sites on the internet. We keep track of all the latest updates and developments within the industry and if any of those updates concerns one of our reviewed titles, we instantly correct the outdated information in our reviews.

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