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If you are out there, on the internet, surfing and looking for a casino to play with, you must be aware of what you are doing. You know that online gambling for real money is just as fun as it is a risk. Which is why it is important to consider when, where and how you are playing the casino games of your choice. One of the best things you could do is pick casinos that promote responsible gambling, along with their bonuses. Something even more important that you could be doing is staying aware of your habits, how long you play per day and how big the part of your funds dedicated to playing with casinos is. Once you are aware of all these, you will be able to gamble efficiently.

The thing with real money gambling

Some people forget this, but it is one of the most important bits about gambling: you need to remember that the money you are betting is real. You might say “duh, otherwise I would not be playing with it”, and we get it. There is nothing that can match the rush you get when you start betting with real money and risking real winnings or losses, and there is nothing like that wave of pleasure you get after winning a bunch of cash. The thing is, you may lose yourself in the feeling, and forget that there should be a limit to the money that you end up gambling with.

Real money, real effects

Using more money in casinos than you can afford will have very real effects on your life. And we do not want that. The point of playing with a casino is to enjoy yourself, not lose yourself. This is why you need to carefully consider the funds you are willing to allocate to your fun and the amount of cash you are willing to dedicate to it while blocking the rest of your income from ever touching the casino. This way, online gambling real money will remain only gambling money, while the rest of your funds will remain as the necessary funds in your life dedicated to having a high quality of life.
The best way to do that determines a limit on your weekly gambling. The limit should come in two forms – the amount of time you want to dedicate to it and the amount of money you want to dedicate to it. It is recommended that you never spend more than you can afford to on gambling. This can be calculated by looking at your earnings and determining what kind of lifestyle you would like to have. Another thing you could do to make sure you don’t end up spending more time and money on gambling than you are okay with is to start playing with a casino that promotes responsible gambling.

The best places to gamble online for real money

Responsible gambling is a concept that should be hammered into the mind of every gambler that starts playing online or offline. The basics of responsible gambling are outlined above – never dedicate any more resources to the fun than you can afford to. But there is more to responsible gambling, and a lot of the responsibility lies with the casino itself.
The way a casino would go about promoting responsible gambling is simple – it needs to encourage its players to understand how to work with the casino. They need to understand any fees associated with the company. They need to understand how bonuses work and promote fair wagering requirements that do not end up encouraging players to keep playing endlessly and constantly in order to be able to claim the bonuses. The companies also need to remind players that there should be a limit to the time and funds they spend with the casino, otherwise it might be dangerous to the well being of the player. This is why, if you want to spend time gambling online for real money, you need to learn about the casinos of your choice. Only the right ones will be able to provide you with a safe experience.

How we select responsible casinos

In our quest to help you find the best casinos to play with, we make sure to look for those that are responsible for their relationships with the customer base. This means we make sure that the casino is approved by the regulator. It means we make sure the games are well built and highly optimized. And, just as importantly, we make sure that the casino does its best to promote best practices in terms of gambling awareness and responsible gambling.
The way we go about this is simple – we check what the company policies are. If the company has regular reminders to players, on their website, that gambling needs to be done responsibly, should be limited in terms of funds and time spent on it, then this is a good sign. We further try to see if the company informs players about what issues with gambling addiction are, how to detect them and what can be done about them in order to avoid the problem.
Finally, we like to check whether the company is connected to gambling addiction hotlines and nonprofits that promote safe and responsible gambling. If all of these are present then we know that the company has a policy of establishing a safe and responsible relationship with their users. The kind of relationship we value in our casinos and want to see become more widespread throughout the industry.

The list of casinos

This is why the casinos that we have listed and are said to be some of the better ones on the website are actually responsible in terms of their gambling addiction assistance. If you want to gamble for real money, we would be able to find any better casinos to offer online that would help you to do so safely. It took us a while to compose the list, so make sure to look at it, for your own benefit.

The lists we have to get updated frequently for the quality of the experience and the level of support that responsible gambling receives. This is why you should check back regularly and make sure the casino you are playing with is still one of the responsible ones.

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