What are the new mobile casinos for your smartphone?

You may have heard, that new online casinos are popping up left and right and the speed of development is a little daunting, even if providing a lot of new opportunities, for a lot of new players. Well, you will be surprised to find out that new mobile casinos are popping up at speeds that are just as amazing. In the modern world of software development, and with incredible ease of access to the development industry, it is not surprising either. So what are some of the trends in the industry of mobile gaming today, and what are some of the best ones on the market?

Characteristics of a new mobile casino 2019

So, with all these new mobile casinos popping up, what are the trends that we are seeing be repeated in 2019? Well, there are not that many – currently, the evolution of the casino as a place to enjoy yourself has pretty much stopped. The only way that casinos are changing is the medium through which they are being conveyed and enjoyed. No surprises there, since you know, we are currently discussing the latest medium that it is being conveyed through. The mobile casinos are just catching up to the desktop online casinos, in terms of what they are able to offer to their users. The evolution is happening pretty fast though and the new ones are coming up with some pretty exciting features.

Browser based

Many new mobile casino platforms have been browser-based for a long time. These guys are usually owned by the already existing casinos, large scale or small, and they all seem to work by having the user logs into the website through their phone browser of choice. While this is not a bad thing, it is considered to be slightly suboptimal by some users. A browser experience, too many, feels way less secure than a dedicated app solution, even if the browser version is a direct copy of the already existing desktop version. A number of casinos are still coming up with these solutions, but the move away from them is slowly accelerating, and we are excited about that.

App exclusive

The move towards the dedicated app for a casino has been coming for a long time. As mentioned previously, a number of old and already existing, large scale casinos that can afford it are moving to have a dedicated app for their casino. The best apps are incredibly secure, very well optimized and available for all kinds of OS and devices.

Though what seems to be the new and exciting trend in the casino world, is the move towards app exclusive casinos. A number of casinos, that could be considered to be some of the best in the industry, have come out with their app solutions. This new casino mobile exclusive solution is a very exciting development. The industry is keeping up with the times and making the entire process of playing casino games wherever and whenever you are, so much easier. Though this comes with a bit more responsibility (just like great power).

The applications have to be incredibly reliable, secure and they have to be able to handle transactions and long gaming sessions with ease. It means that the developers for the app need to be of high caliber. It also means that the software and game providers of the day need to optimize for apps like this, which might be an issue for some providers. Still, this is a development we welcome with open arms and with hopeful smiles.

Live sports betting

Something interesting, that is finally coming to the mobile casino world for the first time, is Live Sports Betting (you might have guessed from the title of the paragraph). Well, live sports betting has mostly, up to now, been available exclusively with desktop-based online casinos. The reason is – it can be pretty complicated to include live sports betting in a mobile casino. But the developers are finally figuring out that they don’t have to be responsible for streaming the events, so the inclusion has become much easier.

Live sports betting is a feature that is beloved by most UK based players. This love is also getting reflected in the international casino audiences as well. So, now that the new mobile casino UK hot feature is live casino betting, you might start seeing this stuff all over the world. Great news for the entire world! Though, hopefully, they do not start limiting the sports to traditional ones and allow those who wish to bet on something relatively more obscure the chance to do so. I mean, sometimes, the obscure game is what wins you that final bet.

Best new mobile casinos 2019

Determining which the best new mobile casinos in the year 2019 are is a little hard. The year just started, there are more being released and updated, there are constant flux and change in how the technology works and develops and the industry is seeing regulatory changes as a result of the new entrants to the market. So it might take us a while to produce a comprehensive and conclusive list of all the actually best new mobile casinos UK. Still, this does not mean that we are intending to stop at any point. Quite on the contrary – the list is going to be updated regularly with new information on the subject. New casinos will be added and old ones deleted. New features will be discussed and additional regulation will be considered with every casino we have taken into account when talking about them.

The new developments in the mobile casino world seem to be very exciting to us. Changes in all aspects of the industry are going to follow the introduction of the mobile heavy gaming platforms into it. The new aspects of the industry are going to cause a lot of change, and we are more than excited to see all of this change take place as soon as possible We are going to be keeping track of things while you go exploring on your own, and we will report with the most recent updates and the most interesting bits on the best mobile casinos in the world.

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