Mobile slot games reviewed for any Smartphone’s OS

We have talked about how fast the online gaming industry is developing, and have even mentioned how there are casinos that are adapting to mobile devices. But we have yet to discuss mobile slots and how these guys are one of the greatest things to have happened to online casino gaming since the invention of the Jackpot. Though not all of them are as good as they seem and some should not even be touched. So why are they so great and how do we differentiate between the truly great games and the ones that you should stay away from at all cost?

What makes mobile slots games so great

The thing with mobile slots games is that they are portable. This might not seem like much to those of us who prefer to spend their time at their desktops, sipping on some Stella, and looking at the bright images scroll by. There are many out there who don’t have that luxury. All they have is a long commute to a long work day. Or they don’t even have a reliable computer. Or they simply don’t like sitting at home for long hours of the day. Which is why the portable slots game is a blessing to them. They can play at any time and anywhere, without interruption or issue. But that is not the only thing that should inspire awe with games such as these.

The work that goes into devising mobile slot games is immense. The amount of development and optimization that it takes for a slot to work smoothly on your phone is staggering. The developers have to account for all the different Operating Systems, their versions and eventual versions updates, as well as how new or old the phone is. Moreover, they even have to take into account what casino the game will be with. All of this makes for a lot of work and a lot of thinking. This is why the games are so marvelous and we respect them so much. This is also why we have a meticulous process of reviewing them and selecting what makes the best slots games. Let’s talk a bit more about that.

How we rate online mobile slots

There are several aspects that we look at when trying to figure out whether the games we are looking at are actually good. It is not hard, for a trained eye, to see the difference between a good and a bad game. This very same distinction is pretty hard to spot for someone who has no experience doing this. The reason is simple – all games are made to be fun to play (or most at least), but some are simply hiding a whole lot of bad news under a fun facade, while others actually deliver on the promise. Below you can see what we look at and how we look at it, and use the experience for your own future gaming safety.

The gameplay experience

The first thing we like to look at when we try to analyze a mobile game is how enjoyable the gameplay experience is. It doesn’t matter to us if we are reviewing no deposit mobile slots or ones that are hiding behind a deposit requirement, we are going to review the experience all the same. The first things we look at is the design and the graphics of the slots game. Are the images distinct and enjoyable? Are they not irritating if you look at them for a long time at a time? The point of a game is to be entertaining, and there is no way for it to be so if the game does not make an effort.

The graphics also have to be pleasant. You cannot expect a mobile slots game to jump out at you with amazingly realistic graphics. But you have to have certain expectations, such as the game has to run smoothly, without lag and without strange graphical issues. The graphics are what make the spin satisfying, the imagery enjoyable and the experience nice. If the graphics are bad, the game is not good.

Finally, we also look at whether players are able to win, whether the rewards are appropriate and if the game generally rewards the player for playing instead of punishing them endlessly.

Jackpots and bonuses

The best way to understand whether a game likes to reward or punish its players is to look at the bonuses and jackpots that the game might offer. Are the bonuses generous? Are the frequent? Are they something that actually happens or is they simply a promise to never be fulfilled? A good game is not rigged and the bonuses it provides can actually be acquired. If a game says that there are bonuses, but a player is never able to receive them, it means that the bonuses might not be real.
The jackpot is an elusive beast, but we like to see that the Jackpot has been won before. If it hasn’t, the true achievability of the jackpot becomes suspect to us. Though we won’t like to be too strict here, especially with free mobile slots no deposit games, since a Jackpot is supposed to be rare.

Reliability, RNG and RTP

After we make sure that all of that is in order, we go on to try and make sure that the game is actually reliable. This means checking the software of the game and the coding. Though, we don’t always get to check those, since that can be and most of the time is, confidential information. Instead, we try to spend a long time with the game, to see how smoothly it runs and whether it encounters bugs and issues. Even if the no deposit mobile slots, a high standard is expected.
On top of that, we like to make sure that the RNG (Random Number Generator) for the game is valid, and that it is actually random. This means looking at the algorithm that the RNG is built on, how well it works and checking the true randomness of the numbers and the results that come up in the game.

Finally, we like to look at the Return to Player (RTP) of the game. This means summarizing the bonuses, jackpots, winnings and all the other details that result in player winnings and seeing how much all of that makes up.

The reputation of the developer

The best mobile slots UK developers are known across the world. These guys have developed some of the most famous games that are enjoyed daily by millions of people. There are also those that are rather new and rather small in scale, which means that they don’t have much of a reputation. This is why we like to check the background of the developer. The license of the developer is one of the main criteria we look at, but we also go on to explore the history of issues that they might have had, as well as how long the relationship between the casino and the developer has persisted. Details like these allow us to establish whether we should have high expectations of the game, or to expect it to fail.

The subject of free mobile slots no deposit promises

One of the most questioned subjects that people come with us is the no deposit bonus and free slots available for mobile devices. While we are not inherently against them and actually enjoy the idea of such games, we also are very cautious with time. The thing is that some developers or casinos don’t believe that no deposit mobile slots do not need to be of high quality, that they should not provide players with real winnings. This is the worst kind of attitude to have towards a game.
Any game that was made, was made with the purpose of it being enjoyable to the person who picks it up and starts playing with it. This means that the game has to be fair, that the game has to be well built and that it has to be able to provide the kind of winnings that a player will be able to appreciate without an issue. The player has to know what they are getting into, which is why we adhere to the same principles of evaluation with promises of mobile slots no deposit bonus games, as well as those that sit behind a deposit requirement wall.

Free to play

There are of course games available for your mobile devices that are free to play. Such games promise that you can enjoy the mobile slots no deposit requirement, but they also specify that any winnings that you accumulate while gaming will not be cash winnings. This is, in our opinion, fair. You cannot gamble air and win real money. When playing free to play slots, it is important to understand that you will not be receiving anything other than points. If you want to earn some real winning, you will have to start playing with real money.

If a developer promises a free mobile slots no deposit game, with real winnings, you should be suspicious. The game will be getting something from you and it is dangerous to jump into such a game without first doing appropriate research on the game. This is where we and our exploration of the games come in handy. We exist solely to help you remain protected in the world of online casinos and mobile slots. We have an in-depth understanding of what makes good and bad games and this is why you are here to read about the games available for your phone. You know we are reliable in what we say.

Let’s conclude

There are of course real mobile slots no deposit bonus games out there. These allow you to play with the casino for free and possibly receive a no deposit bonus for doing so. Look for those and you might just end up hitting the jackpot to keep you playing for free for a while. Stick with us and we will provide you with insights into what makes the best mobile slots games. We might even give you a list or two to consider. We want to help you find the best mobile slots game for you, so good luck to you and to us both!

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