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You may have spent the past couple of years or months playing casinos online, often finding yourself in front of the desktop, clicking away at your space bar and at your left mouse button. But recently, you have found yourself on the move more, or maybe you have grown tired of sitting in the same position for long periods of time, and how are looking to try to move to a couch or play outside. Dragging your desktop around might be a bit of a pain, while laptops are pretty uncomfortable to drag onto the train and keep playing with them. Well, we have good news for you – just because of these issues, the casino companies have found a way to create mobile online casino applications. This means you can play your favorite casino games from your phone. The only thing you have to worry about in this case is a stable internet connection wherever you end up going. Once you have that, there is no way to negatively impact your gameplay experience. But how do you get a hold of a mobile casino? Is it the same as an online casino that you play from your laptop or desktop? Is it even worth it? And are there issues associated with it?

The new age of the online mobile casino

The age of the mobile casino is quickly dawning upon us. You may have noticed that the rate of technological development, both in terms of software and hardware, is pretty impressively high. This is the result of a simple fact of life – evolution takes place whether we want it to, or not. And it is something to be excited about! The world of mobile casinos is to bring a whole lot of ease and fun to us. Many casinos are already in the process of or have already finished, developing a mobile alternative for their platform. Most UK casino mobile versions are already available, even if they are not yet that advanced yet, or maybe in need of some work to be done on them, still. Despite this, there are many advantages that the mobile casino world can offer to the user base, as well as disadvantages that are still in need of being ironed out. Let us take a closer look at them.


The number of advantages is huge, but we are not going to start listing all of them. We simply do not have that much space on our domain (its a joke, we probably do), nor do you have the time to read the huge list. Which is why we are going to mention some of the main advantages of mobile casinos and you can decide whether these are going to be good enough for you.
Play where you want – This is probably the most obvious advantage of the mobile casino. You can play it wherever you want since it is on your phone, the only thing barring you from doing so is the internet connection
Play when you want – This one is pretty closely related to the point above. If you can play anywhere, you can also play at any time. Maybe we should’ve made it the same point? Either way, this is a great advantage over the desktop version, since you can’t really bring it into your commute.
Highly advanced interface – when you are playing with the casino on your mobile, you are greeted with an interface that was specifically constructed for the device. This means that the games look gorgeous and the menus are easy to navigate and work with. So is the rest of the website – the withdrawal or deposit page, your account information and so on.
Good integration with all OS – most casinos, looking to maximize their users, have done the extra work needed to allow for their mobile online casino to be integrated with both iOS and Android. So they are available on all devices (or most of the devices).
High security – The fact that the casino is on your phone allows you to remain more secure. It allows you to create a two-step authentication process. Everything about you is on that phone, including your funds, safely encrypted behind today’s highly secure SSL services for phone devices.
Ease of use – beyond any time and anywhere, this point is probably very important to make. We all use phones in our daily lives and know, how intuitive they truly are. The same goes for the apps that are created for the casinos – they are incredibly intuitive, easy to work with and very fun to play with.
Data is stored on your phone – all data that would be important, in terms of the relationship you have with the casino, will be stored on your phone. And we all know how we love to keep our phones secure, so there is no way for this data to escape into the wrong hands unless you release it yourself.


Despite the huge number of advantages, there are still certain issues that plague the mobile phone casino world. The main issue being the fact that many of the current online casino mobile alternatives have yet to become as advanced as the technology would actually allow it to. Though, it seems like most of the disadvantages would be relatively easy to solve, only if the industry would hurry up in catching up to the technology available on the market today.
A limited number of games – there are many games on the market today, that can be easily played with a desktop online casino. The problem is that not all of these games have been optimized for being used with a mobile casino. This means that some of the best games, or some of the most favorite games, that users might have loved to play on their phones, will not be yet available.
Not all casinos have apps – Another thing that bothers us is that not all casinos are able to offer applications to their users at the moment. There are many casinos out there currently offering a way to play on mobile, through a browser-based, mobile-optimized solution, but we would love to see more casinos offer their users a chance to use an actual app in order to play their games.
Not all providers can work with them – this is an issue that many mobile casino online face today, and it is not their fault. Not all providers have optimized their products for use on phones, and as a result, some services are not available with the phone versions of casinos, yet. This should be changing rather fast and in the near future, this disadvantage will have disappeared altogether.

Types of mobile casinos

There are several kinds of casinos that are available for mobile users. Well, not several, two kinds to be more exact. Some people feel like this distinction exists just because there are casinos that have adapted to the new technologies of the world and then there are those who have some catching up to do. We do not necessarily feel the same way, as there are certain aspects to each kind that we enjoy or don’t enjoy. Let us take a look at the two kinds of online mobile casinos available on the market today and try to decide which one is best for the user.

Browser based

The browser-based casino is one that you encounter every time you go online to play at a casino. Most online casinos are browser-based since you will be playing their games in, you guessed it, in your browser. This is also the dominant category for many mobile casinos. As many large casinos refuse to spend too much money on developing a specific app, there are those who have instead chosen to adapt their current browser-based casinos to phone gaming. These are optimized for all kinds of phones and OS, and only require a user to log into the website through their phone browser. They don’t need to download anything and they get to play at any time, what else could they ask for?
Well, some people feel like the type of mobile casino games that are in such a solution are not as secure, as they would be with an app. That is not necessarily true, as a high-level SSL encryption tool is still used here to provide safety and security to the users. The only real problem with this solution might be the fact that it is a little annoying and does not always work well with the phone screen.

Unique apps

The unique apps can either be already existing casinos or casinos that are exclusively mobile. One way or another, these are the new breed of casino entering the industry. These guys are entirely based in the app and need to be downloaded. Some casinos take more space than others to download, which might be a little annoying, but the level of optimization, the easy interface and all of the other benefits a mobile casino provides is worth it to some users.
The future of casinos lies in their mobile applications. Not all will make them, but most of those that make the applications will end up being very popular with the general user base. We are excited to see how the further advancement of technology will change and bias the industry towards mobile gaming.

The best mobile online casinos

The quest to find the best mobile casinos is quite a long and arduous one. The problem lies with the fact that it requires a lot of research and a lot of trying to finally find the casinos that truly deserve the title. In order to truly earn the name of the best mobile casino, one has to demonstrate their highly optimized nature, a great gameplay experience potential for their users, high level of security and a customer care response rate that is appropriate. They have to show that they care about feedback and are constantly working on making their platform better.
They have to make sure that their casino mobile compatibility allows for all kinds of OS and phones to be included in the gameplay experience. Once they have fulfilled all of the requirements, they will be considered to be part of the lists that we have below.

Mobile casino UK

The best casinos that have gone mobile in the UK are all listed here. Any user from the UK will be able to access these and play with them, even if it takes a bit of a more powerful than a Nokia N95. We do hope you have a modern phone, otherwise, we doubt you will be able to play well with any of the casinos listed here. The UK mobile casino market is rather large, as most of the modern companies are scrambling to move to the mobile platforms, in order to be able to offer their users a better experience.

Global casinos

The casinos on a global scale are migrating to mobile platforms, and we have selected the best in order to talk about them here. Some of these casinos are in such a hurry that they are producing mobile casino bonus offers to users who decide to migrate. It is great stuff and a great future that we look forward to seeing develop.

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