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Online casinos have been around for a little more than two decades by now and they’ve seemingly overtaken the world of gambling and are not planning to stop there. Even though we’ve only had live casino games for a somewhat short time, gambling has been a part of human societies all over the world for many millennia.

Researchers have found dice shaped out of animal bones and other gambling artifacts that are dating as much as 40,000 years in the past. Vikings were one of the many cultures who incorporated gambling into their civilization as an important cultural plot point. They may not have had live casinos, but they had board games, dice games, and held an individual’s skills in board games in extremely high regard.

As time passed and humans “settled down” somewhat, actual physical places for gambling started popping up. The first real casino, even though it wasn’t referred to as such, was founded in Venice, Italy, back in the 17th century. It was called the Ridotto and its purpose was to entertain people during the carnival season.

Evidently, the concept caught up. Casinos have come a long way since then. The first slot machine was invented by the end of the 19th century in California, and the symbols that it came with have stuck around in modern online live casino and in-land casino slot machines to this day. Incorporating playing horseshoes, bells, and playing cards into the slot machine gameplay has been a staple of the industry ever since.

Soon after, Las Vegas was established at the start of the 20th century and the modern definition of a live dealer casino was soon born. And as human society progressed immensely over the course of the last century, so did the gambling industry. It changed business models, marketing approaches, started incorporating new technologies into its models of operation, etc.

Slot machines have always been a sort of a side dish in the casino live online experience, however. Games such as Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette are usually the main attraction for a gambling connoisseur who loves the thrill that these games provide and in some cases – the skills they require. The legendary triad. The latter is a modern spin on a gaming device created in Italy in the 18th century. Blackjack dates even before that. The game originated in Spain as far back as the 16th or 17th century. Poker is by far the youngest of the three. Poker’s invention dates back to 19th century New Orleans, and Texas Hold’em Poker appeared in the American frontier during the Wild West era and was introduced to Las Vegas in 1967.

Ever since then, these games have been a cornerstone of the industry and continue to be this day. No casino live game roster is complete without those three. Texas Hold’em Poker especially has spread throughout the entire world to become the favorite pastime for millions upon millions of professional or amateur gamblers and groups of friends. The cultural impact these games have had on human society is nothing short of amazing. And in the modern high-stakes – high-rewards gambling ecosystem that we live in, they’ve produced quite a volume of frustration, anger, and lost money. But they’ve also produced quite a few millionaires who made fortunes by becoming professional players. We’ve stripped these games to their core and studied how to beat them for decades, and for some players it proved profitable.

Live casino games in the modern age

Still, these games only managed to reach the amazing levels of adoption and engagement by the time live online casino companies came about. The rise of online gambling was truly a game changer for the casino industry. It revamped the whole market and forced companies and land-based casinos to either change with the times or go out of business. Before online gambling was introduced, live casino games were reserved for in-land casino locations. You’d have to either go to a local casino in your city or if you really wanted to indulge, you’d have to travel all the way to Nevada and visit one of the world-famous casinos in Las Vegas. And even after online gambling came to be, it still took some time, before the internet was adopted widely enough and before the casino companies figured out a way to make the most of the opportunities it presented in their line of business.

Nowadays, you can play Poker or Blackjack online from your home or from your smartphone even. Not only that, but you can also play these games using live dealer casinos, which eliminate the algorithms and programming-based card-dealing system and replace it with an actual person shuffling and dealing the cards. You log onto the platform of one of the top live gambling entertainment providers and a live dealer standing in front of a camera will serve you during the time you play the games they offer. This is done to maximize the level of engagement and realism that a modern online casino player can experience. Instead of relying on a computer program that can be skewed or messed around with, it transports you to an online casino live performance, where you can fully submerge yourself in an almost full package of experiences you’d receive if you visited a real-world casino. A dealer clad in formal casino attire will interact with you, prompt you to bet and provide all the necessary information you require. He/she will also shuffle the cards in front of you, so as to assure you that the game you’re about to engage in will be fair and based on pure luck.

Not only has live dealer casino become a separate business branch on its own, but people even live stream their gambling sessions online on popular streaming websites, creating their own small businesses within the industry. Clips of large winnings, hours-long playing sessions, and other interesting content have millions of views on the internet. And when an industry becomes as huge and multi-faceted as this one, the surplus of funds and profit further stimulate its development and the formation of new, more advanced and sophisticated platforms, systems and games, creating a progression loop that’s only expected to continue.

Virtual reality is also being introduced to the world of online gambling. Even though the technology is still in its infancy, it’s widely recognized that it will change almost all of the entertainment industry. Video games, movies, adult content, even virtual tourism are on the rise. Naturally, online casinos are no exception.

Cryptocurrency gambling is another novelty that the online casino industry has in store for you and it’s becoming increasingly popular. There’s a lot of online casinos that are already offering their services in exchange for some of your precious crypto tokens. In such a live casino no deposit bonus is usually applied on top of the crypto tokens you decide to credit to your account. This doesn’t dissuade a lot of players, however. Besides, when crypto gambling becomes more popular and the competition increases, this will likely change as well. We’ll probably see a bunch of crypto promotions and bonuses in the future. There are several reasons that contribute to the popularity of crypto casinos:

  • Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency that is untraceable and extremely secure due to being encrypted. Hence the name. This provides the players with the peace of mind that’s so necessary when you play live casino games which are inherently stressful and benefit from a calm, collected demeanor. When you know that your funds are safe and your transactions are digitally encrypted, that “gambling zen” becomes easier to achieve.
  •  It’s widely known that credit card companies and banks collect the data on every payment you make on the internet. And in certain countries, depositing money to a gambling website doesn’t exactly reflect positively on your credit score with these financial institutions. Crypto provides a loophole to circumvent the system and helps these players engage in a bit of gambling without having to worry about their next car loan getting declined.
  • Another factor contributing to the increasing use of cryptocurrencies in online casinos is the fact that some countries have pretty strict regulations regarding gambling and internet gambling specifically. These can be restrictions regarding gambling advertising, gambling processes or just straight up bans. When a country bans your services within its territories, this is a huge obstacle for online casinos that spent years and millions cultivating a user base in that area of the world. They have a choice: abandon the market you spend time and money grooming, or try and find a way around the law. It’s a grave problem for your business when none of the banks in the country are allowed to serve you or even create your accounts in some cases. Casinos in Norway or the live casino UK offers its citizens have varying degrees of regulations that limit the operations of online casinos. This is especially relevant to Norway, which is a gambling monopoly and recently banned several large companies from operating on its soil. Crypto allows these casinos an opportunity to keep offering their products to the population. It also cuts the taxes in certain cases, further motivating the company to keep up the practice for how financially lucrative it is. Evaluating the morality of that choice is not up to us. We can merely depict the processes going on in the world of online gambling entertainment.

The future of live casinos

The technology isn’t stopping here, though. Online gambling has become such a structural piece of the modern world, that nearly all technological advances that we make are translated into this industry in one way or another. When the world started embracing smartphones and tablets, online casinos saw the untapped market and jumped in. The industry realized that you don’t have to wait until the person is at home, resting and having leisure time to engage with their services. It provided the players with the capacity to comfortably play on their phones and other devices while they’re on the move, waiting in line, in a car jam, or traveling somewhere. And since the modern human is pretty much constantly on the move, this further catapulted the engagement rates of online casinos, increasing the size of the market more and more every year. Today, a good online gambling platform that isn’t optimized or provides apps for mobile users is pretty much unthinkable. It has become a standard feature to have in all of the best live casino companies.

VR gambling is already being introduced to some of the world’s leading casino platforms and it will only become more realistic and sophisticated as time goes on. You can already play virtual slot machines and some of your favorite casino games in a virtual environment. However, soon you will not only be able to interact with a live dealer from the comfort of your home like you can now, but also entirely transport yourself to a virtual casino. And as this technology develops more and more, someday the casino will become photorealistic. It might even begin to incorporate other human senses like smell and touch, instead of relying on visual and audio stimulation to maximize the immersion. We can confidently say that the virtual reality that we have now and its level of realism will be regarded the same way we view the video game graphics from the 1990’s today. Who knows, at some point, we might even create a virtual environment that’s nearly indistinguishable from reality and if that happens it will definitely find its way into our live casino online experience.

Increasing competition and regulatory roadblocks

As the market grows in size, so does the competition. On one hand, an oversaturated market also has a lot of fraud and scammers. On the other hand, intense competition stimulates progress, lowers prices, and generally does wonders for any kind of business. This presents the newcomers to the market with another problem: getting noticed in an ecosystem that has thousands of companies for new entrants to the market and maintaining your user base and stopping it from trickling out to other providers for established players in the field.

Companies try to counteract these processes by ramping up their marketing efforts, promotions, sponsorships, etc. But as we already mentioned, the casinos are met with hardships when it comes to advertising their products. For example, the live online casino UK advertising ban is set to come into force in 2019 and it’s unknown how it will impact the market and its development.

Still, advertising and promotions make up a huge part of online casino activities. In fact, nowadays a lot of land-based casinos exist solely to send the players who come in there over to the online version of the casino. Companies also offer multiple promotions and live casino bonus opportunities to new and existing players. And we at are focused on bringing the best of those offers to you exclusively. We’re not just creating a gambling roadmap and guide, we also want to help you capitalize on the best promotions the industry has in store.

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