Best online highroller casinos!

If you want to join a high roller casino, we have a surprise for you – there are a number of really good ones online! The thing is, are you really willing and ready to join them? There are a number of online casinos out there that offer high roller games and high stakes casino fun, and we have gathered them all up into one place, for your enjoyment. Though make sure that before you become a high roller, you are actually able to support that kind of lifestyle. Otherwise, you might end up committing funds that you do not want to lose to a game that you cannot win. But if you are a high roller at heart and in a bank account, go ahead and look at some of the best casinos, rounded up, into one large database of the best online high roller casinos.

High rollers casino

The idea of being a high roller is a sort of a dream for many a gambler. Everyone likes to imagine themselves, walking into a casino, with whispers about them being an extremely famous high roller, or the amount of money they have made and lost at the casino is the main subject of the whispers. But what does it mean to be a casino high roller and what does it take to become one? Where does the term come from and why would anyone want to be known for either losing or winning large amounts of money at a casino, especially since its not tax deductible? Let us get into the subject and figure all of these things out.

High rollers gaming

The way high rollers play is different from how the rest of us play. High rollers are people who play for huge amounts of money. These are people who sit down at special poker tables in the back of the casino, hidden away from all the plebs, and play for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in a single night. Most of us only get to play with that kind of money in the finals of a poker championship that we can only dream of being a part of. Being a high roller is associated with the kinds of risks that an average person cannot afford.

The origin of “high roller”

The idea behind being a high roller is related to those days when casinos were still live. Yes, those times were real (it’s just sarcasm dears, we all know you are aware of those times), and those times were pretty great for some players and all casinos. They would have people rich from the gold rush come into the casino and start betting wildly on games, incredible amounts of money on poker, blackjack, roulette, and they would keep going to either win more or win back whatever they lost.
These were the high rollers, but the name came from a very specific game.

The game of dice, or the greatest game of luck in the world, was where the name came from. This is where the highest betters would place incredible amounts of money on a single dice roll and either lose or win, without a care because they had way more where that came from. This was known as the local casino high rollers, and they hailed from all over the world. The name has since stuck and moves on to describe any player that bets outrageous amounts of money on their games. Quite a fitting name, to be honest.

What is a high roller online

There is a difference between a high roller, as defined by the old times and as defined by online casinos. The difference also pertains to the real high rollers and the online high rollers. You see, the high roller club is an extremely prestigious one. In order to become a part of it, a player would have to have access to very large sums of money. Thankfully, online casinos define high rollers a little differently. The main difference being the amount of money you need to be betting to be one. The amount with an online casino is much lower than in real life (or in the past) and it allows the users to enjoy the benefits of the high roller name without the awe-inspiring risk that comes with being an actual high roller.

Still, don’t be disheartened if you are not a part of one of the many high roller casinos in real life. Being a high roller online is already more than what many people are able to afford to play as. The high roller table in an online casino may start somewhere at a thousand dollars and go up, which gives those of us with a moderately large disposable income a chance to enjoy the high roller lifestyle.

High roller games

While in the past the high roller game of choice was dice, today things have changed. The dice game used to be the favorite, simply because it was so flashy, fun to participate in as a group and interesting to watch. It passed fast and the results were exhilarating one way or another. It was the game for the show-off.

Today, the attention span of the players and the viewers has grown. They no longer are playing just to be flamboyant about the incredible amounts of money they are betting and playing around with. Today, the games are much calmer. Of course, you will find the occasional high roller game of dice, but the favorites now are card games and roulette.

Poke and black jack are especially popular with high rollers. These games are cerebral, and they let the players feel like they have a lot of control over what is about to happen. They spend time thinking, considering and playing, which is what the rich of today love – strategy, mathematics and a degree of control, or an illusion of it. Another, surprisingly often seen high roller game is Baccarat, but this one depends on the taste of the player.

Roulette is also particularly popular in the high roller casino lifestyle. When they want to surrender the control and dedicate everything to luck, or simply are tired of card games and just want to see a ball roll, they move to playing roulette, and it usually ends up being just as fun and just as engaging as a dice game.

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