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Gambling games are a lot of fun and can be extremely thrilling with the right online casino sites and the right platforms. But one must be careful. Besides the obvious issues of cybersecurity and fraud, something that’s perfect for your friend, or for somebody else, might not be perfect for you. There are so many online casinos on the internet. Why would you be satisfied with one that doesn’t fully satisfy your needs and requirements?

We’re here to help with that. will provide you with the necessary help to orient yourself in this vast market and help you choose the best casino site perfectly suited for your needs and tastes! All of the entries on our list are safe, operating legally with proper licensing, and treat the customer’s safety and security as one of their primary concerns. By choosing to become our reader, you’re agreeing to let us guide you towards the online casino of your dreams. Our professional staff of industry experts manually sorts through all of these websites and closely analyzes them before allocating them a place on our list of the best casino sites on the internet.

We aim to help you find the best casino sites available on the internet today. Our rigorous testing doesn’t stop for a second. Our list is constantly updated and rearranged. New casinos get added, some get removed, the information regarding others is edited to reflect the current state of events, etc. We won’t be content until you find the one and only full package online casino that will maximize the enjoyment you get from the gambling experience. With that being said, let’s go through some of the main things you need to keep in mind when choosing an online gambling operator. Naturally, this is by far not the complete list of criteria by any stretch of the imagination. The criteria we use in our reviews is further discussed in depth in our reviews and on other pages on our website.

A wide selection of quality games

Ultimately, people log on to casino sites for their games. And we’re not just referring to the sheer amount of games that the casino provides. The old Nintendo game cartridges would claim to have 5000 games, but what is it worth if it really is the same 5 games repeated endlessly? This really is an issue with the slot machines in online casinos. You need to search for both quality and quantity. Who said you can’t have both? The online gambling business is one of the most competitive areas of business which prompted a mountain of innovation and new amazing games over the last decade or so. You absolutely can have both and you shouldn’t settle for less.

The games need to have variety as well. Depending on your particular tastes, you should search for quality slots with actually different visuals, gameplay and bonus systems, slots with minimalistic retro designs, slots with storylines, different types of roulette, different types of blackjack, video poker, arcade games, table games, etc. Given that slots make up a huge chunk of an average casino website’s game roster, for a company to end up on the list of the best online casino sites, they need to be adequately diverse.

The games, both live dealer casino games and slots must also come from reputable, verified developers with a good reputation. Companies like NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and others have spent years creating quality gambling content and building their brands. Don’t risk your money in an online casino game designed by some shady company, operating on a shaky platform. This is the era of information. The best rated online casinos are right there for us to pick from. We have no excuse not to be diligent and careful in our choices. Again, we are here to help you with that.

The games also need to have a good Return to the Player ratio (RTP). This is a criterion that’s often neglected by most casual online casino players. This number indicates how much the game actually pays you back on average. Ideally, you want the RTP number to as high as possible. A higher RTP means more money for you and less for the house. Certain top casino sites and games will offer some amazing RTP percentages, going up as far as 99.9%. Meanwhile, others will literally rip you off with a miserable rate of returns. This is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t engage with a game or a casino without previous consideration and why you need our website.

Optimization as a way to spot scam casinos

No amount of amazing games will change anything, though, if the platform you’re playing on does not have your best interests and safety in mind. We actually will not address how aesthetically pleasing and well-designed an online casino website should ideally be. In fact, some people prefer to play on websites that aren’t overloaded with content and are minimalistic, in some cases – almost skeletal. What’s far more important is how well the website is optimized to work on different devices, whether or not it has the latest security protocols and measures implemented, and how optimized they are. All of the best UK casino sites allow their customer base convenient access through via mobile and other devices.

Besides being extremely relevant, because smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our lives and having comfortable access to your favorite games via these devices is a priority for most people, the optimization aspect also serves to gauge how legit the company is. Optimizing your website for mobile browsing and gambling, much less – developing a well-functioning app are significant undertakings. Scam websites rarely bother or have the resources to properly address them.

People work hard for their money. If there’s anything you take away from our website, it should be to focus on being financially responsible. And making sure you can trust your casino site is the centerpiece of financial responsibility when it comes to gambling. By all means, spend your money on casino games. It is an experience that provides you with thrills and excitement and allows you to win significantly more than you wagered if you’re lucky, smart, or rather – both. But before you do, always make sure that you’re not walking into a trap designed to strip you of your funds. Our reviews focus heavily on how specific online casinos protect customer data, financial information, and what’s just as important – their funds.

Safety and security

Gambling security is an umbrella term and encompasses a wide array of issues you need to look into before entrusting your funds to an unknown website on the internet. Or read our detailed reviews that specifically target them. Arguably the most important of these issues is the issue of licensing. The casino sites UK allows to operate on its soil are absolutely required to have a valid license provided by the UK Gambling Commission. The commission has a rigorous testing routine that adheres to strict standards. Checking this ensures that the company you’re about to engage in real money dealing with is a legit one and won’t try to illegally part you with your money.

No less important is your data security. A good online casino needs to have adequate data protection mechanisms implemented. Making sure that the candidates for your new favorite online UK casino sites have secure socket layer (SSL) certificates is an absolute must for any player. More than that, it is an absolute must check pretty much anywhere you go on the internet. It encrypts the information you exchange with the website, preventing third parties from gaining access to your sensitive data. An SSL certificate is indicated by the lock symbol in the upper left corner of your web browser, at the beginning of the website’s URL.

All in all, good, high-quality games and a smooth, secure, and trustworthy platform are the main ingredients for determining the best casino website for you. Naturally, there’s much more to making that choice, but that’s why we create our casino reviews for you to read. These factors create a foundation upon which you will build/choose the best casino site that’s a perfect fit for your gambling preferences and we’re honored to assist you with this.

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