An eXpert.Bet guide to finding the best casino bonus on the web

If you have spent any time at all browsing online through all of the existing casinos, you may have noticed a word that pops up a lot. The offer of the “best online casino bonus” that every casino seems to be making to their potential users. What is it? And why does it seem so attractive? Well, it definitely is one of the more important and most interesting offers that a casino will be providing for their users. But it is also something to be extremely careful about.

What is an online casino bonus?

A bonus offered by a casino is a sort of profit sharing and a marketing move by an online casino. It is a way for a casino to offer rewards for certain actions that users complete. The bonuses, and what they are called, usually depend on what the required actions are. There are a large number of bonus types out there that might get users interested.
These bonuses are also a good way to get started with a casino. A nice boost in capita for play, some might even say. Though there are certain risks associated with bonuses, and certain requirements need to be completed to be able to utilize the bonuses fully. More on that a little later.

Why would an online casino have a bonus?

So if a bonus is basically free cash, why would a casino offer it? Well, generous bonuses are usually a good way to attract new users. A casino, whether large or not, usually has a large enough revenue stream to have a disposable amount of funds that can be used for marketing. Some marketing takes the shape of advertising. Other kinds of marketing might offer a casino bonus online. Even then, bonuses don’t always mean free money. Wagering requirements and bonus applicability usually play a significant role in how useful a bonus will be to a user.

Kinds of online casino bonuses

So what kinds of bonuses are available to users? There are several types that most casinos offer, including the welcome bonus, also known as the casino signup bonus, the deposit matching bonus and loyalty rewards programs. There are of course also unique bonuses that come with games or with the casino, the casino itself will tell you more about. But let us first cover some of the most common bonus types in the industry right now.

Casino welcome bonus

The bonus promotion that you will see most often with online casinos is the welcome one. While not all casinos can afford one, most are willing to offer their users a nice bonus for signing up with them. This could be in the shape of a no deposit bonus or in the shape of a depositing matching bonus. The first one gives the user a very limited bonus for simply signing up with the company. The bonus here ranges from 10 up to 50 US dollar equivalent. The second kind of bonus, the depositing matching one, is the favorite offer for most casinos. This one offers users to match whatever their initial bonus is, and up to five consecutive deposits, with a bonus amount of money. The bonus here can be up to a thousand US dollars, depending on the size and success fo the casino. This is why the online casino signup bonus is the favorite of so many newcomers to the industry or to the casino. It doubles the amount of money that they can game with, which is something any gamer will enjoy.
The welcome bonuses might even come with some bonus spins. The bonus spins are dedicated to slots games and are not applicable to any other type of game. Depending on the casino, there might even be a limit on which slots games the bonus spins can be applied to. The best casino welcome bonus offers will, of course, try to do things a little differently. They will offer their users a combination of bonus spins and bonus cash to apply to all kinds of games, as well as the ability to apply these bonuses to most games available at the casino.

Deposit matching bonuses

We have spoken a little about deposit matching bonuses, but there is more than the initial welcome bonuses. Deposit bonuses do not always work to fully match your own deposit. Most have limits on the amount of money they are willing to match. The range of the matching can be anywhere from 10% up to 100%, with a 50% matching being the most frequent. The second most popular is 100% matching. This is one of our favorite casino online bonus types, simply because it permits the users to define how much bonus money they actually want.
The matching bonuses become available to users, sometimes on a weekly or a daily basis, depending on the casino they work with. The matching bonuses that are part of the welcome package are not the only ones available and all of them are great opportunities to double the amount of money that the gambler gets to play around with.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty rewards are not always as impressive as the one-time welcome bonus, to the weekly or monthly matching bonuses, but they are just as important. These might be small bonuses to your playing money that come as a result of completing a mission or two. The missions usually encourage you to play the games with the casino again and again, while giving you prizes such as an extra few free spins, some nice bonus cash or something else, such as a chance at the casino’s wheel of fortune style game to earn rewards.
The best UK casino bonus rewards for loyalty include a chance at free travel outside of the country, some prize goodies or other opportunities that a player that stops playing after a week or so won’t get a chance to have. These are usually harder to get than the weekly rewards or the level up rewards that casinos may offer. Sometimes parts of competitions that only long term members are invited to, they are the best prizes a casino has to offer to its user.

Things to know when getting a bonus

It doesn’t matter whether you are getting an online casino welcome bonus or a matching bonus that you became eligible for after playing with the casino for a month, it is important to consider certain things about them before you start using the bonuses. If you have ever heard anything about economics, you might have learned that there is no such thing as a free lunch. While in terms of economic theory it might have meant something else, in the case of casino bonuses it means that you are agreeing to certain terms and conditions by using the bonus.
There are usually two layers to all bonuses. There is eligibility requirements and wagering requirements. The meaning of each is explained below, but before you get into it, you need to know where to find them. Usually, when looking at a casino bonus UK, you will find the terms and conditions in the “bonus terms” or the “terms and conditions” parts of the page. These are most often easily found at the bottom of the page. If not there, then spend some time looking around the page and you will find them. Here you can read all about the specifics for the casino that you are going to be playing with. Some casinos might have better terms than others, but it is important to read the terms before you start using the bonuses, as some terms might turn out to be a little less friendly than you would wish for.

Casino bonus 2019 requirements

The first layer of casino bonuses is composed of the requirements that are associated with the casino. These requirements usually determine whether a user is eligible for a bonus or not. The most basic things for these bonuses are terms like the minimum requirement and the place of residence of a user. Sometimes these requirements might be more stringent than at other times, with minimum deposits being higher with certain websites. Usually, there are no specific rules that make it impossible for a person to get a hold of a bonus, or maybe we just don’t have a specific example.
In 2019, the requirements to be able to receive a casino bonus are pretty relaxed. As long as you are within the jurisdiction of the casino’s operations. The main detail to consider is the minimum deposit that a casino requires you to make before they are able to provide you with access to a bonus. Although, the industry is constantly in flux, and things may be changing sooner, rather than later.

Wagering requirements

The most important aspect of a bonus is the wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is the great, big ogre standing in the way of you being able to withdraw the bonus as soon as you receive it. It is a way for the casino to protect itself from money launderers and bonus hunters who would withdraw the money the moment they have a chance, while also keeping the players engaged with their platform.
Wagering requirements are the amount of money a player will have to have played with (or wagered) for a bonus to be fully withdrawable by them. Different games usually have different levels of contribution to this requirement. The amount per game usually depends on the casino itself. The player is required to fulfill the wagering requirement after they receive the bonus and sometimes, within predefined time limits.
What is most infuriating about some of the worst casino bonuses UK -wise, is the fact that there are companies out there that make their wagering requirements impossible to fulfill Such as making the requirement be 30x that of the bonus amount. While this might not seem to be much for a 5 dollar bonus (it is still a hundred and fifty dollars), it is an incredible amount for 50 dollars (one thousand and five hundred dollars) or even one hundred dollars (three thousand dollars!). Other companies will make the wagering requirements lower, but make them impossible to achieve in the time limits that they determine for the players. The bonus money might not even be contributing to the wagering requirement!
This is why we emphasize the importance of checking the terms and conditions of every casino, in terms of bonuses, as much as we do. The casino may have some generous bonuses that they advertise, but they might also have wagering requirements that are pretty much impossible to fulfill. This way they can trap players into depositing money with them in order to get the bonus and have them stuck playing to get the bonus for months to come. The best online casino bonuses allow the players not only to keep playing the game but also to enjoy them. This means allowing them a chance to eventually withdraw the bonus they feel they have earned.

Best online casino bonuses in UK

The most exciting casinos in the UK and around the world are not that hard to find or to make. All it takes is to propose an amazing bonus to the players and butter that up with some nice games that they may be interested in playing. The thing is, not all exciting casinos are the best casinos. This is why we have sat down and created a list (or two) of some of the best online casino bonuses UK has to offer. It took us quite a long time, after all, filtering through terms and conditions is a boring and arduous task on its own. But comparing all of the terms and all of the bonuses to each other, that takes a whole other level of commitment and resistance to boredom. So now that we have done it, spend some time looking at it. You might find something interesting in there that will help you play without having to deal with unfair requirements or bad bonuses.
Though remember, things change constantly in this industry. We might not be able to immediately update the list, but we will as soon as we can. Make sure to check back to have the latest, and the best, of the bonuses available to you.

Whether you are looking for a generous casino welcome bonus, or trying to make sure that the casino of your choice is trustworthy in its bonus offers, you have come to the right place. Don’t forget to come back, and make sure things have not changed too much. Our advice will always be useful to wondering and a wandering player.

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