Norway takes further steps to address problem gambling in the country

Ray Allen

Problem gambling is one of the major issues that the whole country is trying to address via different means. The problem gambling has spread all across the world, as most of the population is involved in one or another type of gambling-related activity.

One of the countries that aim to tackle the issue and prevent further harm caused by gambling, is Norway. Norway has not once addressed the issue and implemented several vital measures in order to make the gambling environment more responsible and safe for the players.

According to the statistics, reported by the conducted research, there are over 34,000 people in Norway with the gambling addiction problem. More than 85,000 people are at risk of developing an addiction. This is the critical number, as six people out of ten have the gambling-related problem developed during the past several years.

The country takes responsibility for cutting the numbers and making gambling more responsible and safe for the players. They have introduced two major measures that are to be launched during the present year.

Responsible gambling campaign

Gunn Merete Paulsen, the director of the Norwegian gambling regulator Lotteri-o stiftelsestilsynet made an announcement. She said that most of the population of the country does not understand full harm and general outcome problem gambling can bring with it. Mrs. Paulsen said that they will take responsibility for, first of all, spreading factual knowledge and raising awareness regarding the problem gambling and gambling addiction.

Many people in Norway spend their savings on gambling and sell properties or vehicles in order to pay out debts they have. Gambling addicts usually do not understand that they harm not only themselves but drag their partners, families, and children into the problem. The ones to address the help centers and different agencies are the families or partners of the addicts.

Currently, there is only one legal online gambling operator in Norway. Norsk Tipping has a monopoly over the market and is the sole legal operator that is allowed to offer any kind of promotions to the customers and advertise its products. Other operators that are present in the market, are unlicensed overseas operators, which perform illegally in Norway.

Norsk Tipping will be one of the major players in the responsible gambling campaign. The online casino will offer certain campaigns for the players. The online casino has already implemented certain restrictions on the spendings. This will enable the problem gamblers to set limits for themselves. Once they reach the limit, they will no longer be able to gamble.

Moreover, the online casino will get in touch with the customers who are observed to spend much on gambling and will offer the campaign in order to control their spending and avoid gambling addiction development. The addicts are easy to identify, as most of them pay a lot of attention to the promotions and bonuses offered by the online casinos.

Norsk Tipping is the only casino offering the responsible gambling campaign, as the overseas operators that are performing in Norway illegally, not only perform unlawfully, but encourage players to spend more via making specific promotions and offering customers bonuses such as no deposit bonuses, or free spins.

FINN Campaign

It was announced that the campaign on responsible gambling will be launched fully within the following month. The major information source regarding the responsible gambling campaign will be the, which is the Norwegian most popular marketplace.

Norwegians use for online purchases and sales. Thousands of people visit the website on a weekly basis, and thus the vast majority of the Norwegian population is more than familiar with the website. Due to the big traffic on the website and extremely effective purpose, the campaign will be placed there as a notification.

The visitors of the page will have a chance to get acknowledged with the problem gambling issue, with the existing statistics regarding the addicts and potential new cases. The visitors will also get the information regarding the licensed and the legal casino operator and the campaign it offers for the problem gambling issue.

This should be one of the most effective ways to notify a massive amount of people about the problem which should be ceased sooner or later. Another big issue that should be solved with the launch of the campaign is the decreased traffic for foreign operators.

There are many online casinos in Norway, that operate illegally, without proper license, though players do not possess this information. Consequently, the traffic is still very high. Once people are informed that the foreign operators are breaching the law while entering the market, the interest in them should lessen relatively.

While going back to Paulsen, she expressed her hope that the campaign will be successful and the authorities will be able to effectively promote responsible gambling within citizens.